Denia Toumi: The Future of French Hospitals is Digital

Director of Business Development, WSP in France


What are the main drivers of change within healthcare delivery in France?

There is an increasing focus on ‘full care’ that includes more preventive and curative healthcare. In terms of technology, the next major step for France is the digital hospital. Smart communications technology is making it easier and easier to monitor patients and process complex data very quickly. Advanced diagnostic tools will help to deliver a healthcare model more focused on preventative care.


The Oncology Institute of Nîmes

How does the healthcare system in France work?

Hospitals are managed by the ARS (Agence régionale de santé), centralized by region. When new projects are proposed, hospital directors have to report them to the ARS, and the decision depends on different criteria like good financial health and political commitment.

Around 60% of French hospital beds are provided by the state, with the remaining capacity split fairly evenly between the non-profit and profit sectors.

What is your most memorable healthcare project?

The construction in 2013 of a new central hospital at Purpan in Toulouse. This scheme delivered 550 beds and 27 operating theatres making it the largest hospital in the South of France. Being a part of the team on a project of this scale was a real privilege.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

Out of the office, I like to travel and discover different cultures as well as salsa dancing. As a Parisian, I am fond of cultural exhibitions and museums, and going to the theater and the opera.

If you could have a super power, what would it be?

Travel to outer space!

What job would you choose to do in a hospital?  

Obstetrician gynaecologist.

If you could be a piece of hospital equipment, what would you be?

A morphine pump!


The Oncology Institute of Nîmes

About Denia

Responsible for seeking, new business opportunities for the group in France, Denia works across a range of sectors including healthcare, education, technology, research, cultural and private clients.

A member of the team since 2004, Denia enjoys responding to the complex challenges that characterise healthcare schemes.

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