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Here at WSP we do not only envision the future. We build it.

busamed modderfontein aerial view

Delivering Healthcare That is Right for Africa

Eliminating barriers and ultimately increasing access to quality health services, for all, is a key pillar that requires significant focus if the aspirations laid out in the Agenda 2063 are to be achieved.


Life Support

Society is ageing fast. Can better, smarter buildings and cities help us to survive the demographic timebomb?

Empowering Patients

For patients, the care delivery experience can be a daunting experience. At a time when stress and discomfort are high, simplifying the delivery of care promotes health and wellness in many regards.

European Healthcare Design Conference 2018

We’re Looking To The Future At This Year’s European Healthcare Design Conference

Creating Efficient Facilities

An occupant-aware building makes informed decisions on the operation of its building services based on its users and the type of work being performed.


Moving From Sustainability To Wellness In Health Care

We know by now that there is a strong business case for sustainability in health care. Our clients are seeing strong results that go far beyond saving money on energy bills.

Lighting For Circadian Rhythms – A Desirable Trend?

Our circadian rhythm is the built-in clock that regulates the timing of our biological processes and daily behaviour, making us alert during the day and sleepy at night.


Alder Hey: Anatomy of a Modular Hospital

Laing O’Rourke and WSP have designed and built a Liverpool children’s hospital out of 15,000 pre-assembled elements.


A Fresh Approach To Secure Care

The challenge for providers of secure hospital facilities for patients with serious mental health illnesses is to provide environments that will foster healing and wellbeing without compromising the security measures essential to patient and public safety.