Matthew Salisbury: Delivering major projects and city-shaping precincts

Regional Director at WSP in Australia

What are the main trends currently challenging healthcare in Australia?

Healthcare delivery models are being disrupted in many ways, through technological advancement in treatment, tele-health (remote) consultation, physical constraints of existing assets, a desire for more adaptable and resilient buildings, infection control capabilities and responding to climate change.  The sector is ever-changing and with the many technical and operational considerations, it requires us designers to continuously adapt and challenge ourselves from the traditional responses.

What are the main drivers that are changing healthcare delivery?

Delivery efficiency in every sense is a key driver for the business case of contemporary hospital / healthcare developments.  This comprises of the efficiencies in;

  • Patient recovery: delivery of the best healthcare available in a timely manner
  • Building operational efficiency and alignment with a decarbonised future
  • Shared and adaptable services: maximising the flexibility and adaptability to change in healthcare delivery
  • Resiliency: critical asset performance under crisis, loss of utilities and impact of climate change.

What aspect of your role in healthcare do you find most rewarding? 

I think the challenges associated with healthcare building design and the engineering overlay is one of the most complex in the property sector.  I strive to always challenge convention and seek better ways of delivering efficiencies, which will ultimately benefit our clients.  I am currently WSP’s project director for the engineering on the new Women’s and Children’s Hospital (WCH) in Adelaide, South Australia.  The masterplanning and concept phases are underway, and we have been using our global network to provide advice and guidance. This support and reach around the world is significant, and having access to global thought leaders is such a rewarding experience.  This connectivity grows our local capabilities and enables us to deliver the best outcomes for our healthcare clients.

If you were a piece of medical equipment what would you be?

Some form of diagnostic equipment.  I like to immerse myself into complex issues.

Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre 

About Matthew

Matthew has a passion for design, with a great understanding of what makes a project successful.  From his experience delivering major projects and city-shaping precincts, he brings a vast depth of knowledge to the Healthcare sector.

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