Nils Alberto Martin Castro: Greater Economic Development is Providing Access to a Better Health System

COO at WSP Chile

portrait of Nils Martin

What are the main trends currently challenging healthcare in Latin America (Latam)?

In Latam the main trend is towards increasing the delivery of quality health to the entire community.  With an emphasis on public health, there is a sustained increase in the demand for specialist doctors and infrastructure to provide patients with better care.

What are the main drivers that are changing healthcare delivery?

Greater economic development is providing access to a better health system, which, in the case of our region, is through the private system.

What aspect of your role in healthcare do you find most rewarding? 

To know you are part of a bigger picture that contributes to helping people and the community.

inside view of clinica vespucio

Clinica Vespucio, Chile

If you were a piece of medical equipment what would you be?

I would be a stethoscope because I am a very good listener.

If you had a super power what would it be?  

What if you had the power to heal? You could not only get rid of minor injuries like cuts and bruises, but also help ease the pain of people suffering from serious illnesses. Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and AIDs would all be history.

What job would you choose to do in a hospital?  

I see myself as an emergency care doctor. I enjoy managing a constant flow of clients and professionals who turn to me for answers or advice.  I work hard to connect with them, finding out why they are there, what they need and how I can help. I do everything possible to make sure they’re listened to and to ensure they feel they’re in safe hands.

About Nils

A Civil Engineer by training, Nils has spent most of his career in management roles in both Chile and Perú, taking full advantage of his leadership skills. With more than 15 years of experience in Property & Buildings, Industry and Energy, he has been involved in a wide range of Healthcare projects in the region. Nils strives to develop teams of high performance professionals balancing skills and experience, to establishing close and long-term relationships with clients.

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