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Healthcare Experts

  • photo of Niemeyer-Carsten

Carsten Niemeyer, Germany

With 15 years of experience as an architect in planning, tendering and site management, Carsten is a division manager, focusing on project management.

  • photo of Damien_Kenny

Damien Kenny, Asia Pacific

An engineer with a flair for design, Damien started his career with the group in London and now heads-up the healthcare team in Australia.

  • photo of Frank Lang WSP healthcare lead Middle East

Frank Lang, Middle East

Frank relishes the complexity of hospital builds and upgrades, as well as healthcare schemes’ direct value to their local communities.

  • photo of Gunnar_Linder

Gunnar Linder, Sweden

Gunnar joined WSP in Sweden in 1988 and has specialized in the delivery of healthcare projects for over a decade.

  • portrait image of Kevin Cassidy, Healthcare expert Canada

Kevin Cassidy, Canada

Kevin has focused on the health sector since early in his engineering career after working on a complex renovation scheme.

  • image of Kris Noiseux Healthcare Lead New Zealand with blue background

Kris Noiseux, New Zealand

As the national lead for healthcare projects within WSP Opus, Kris’s role is to coordinate resources across our business to ensure our clients’ needs are met and exceeded.

  • portrait of Laura - wsp healthcare

Laura Swanepoel, Africa

With almost three decades of experience in the Property Industry, Laura joined WSP Africa in early 2014 as Office Director for the Building Services Team in Johannesburg.

  • portrait of Nils Martin

Nils Alberto Martin Castro, Chile

With more than 15 years of experience in Property & Buildings, Industry and Energy, Nils has been involved in a wide range of Healthcare projects in the region.

  • photo of Nolan Rome healthcare lead USA WSP

Nolan Rome, USA

An architectural engineer by training, Nolan is a practice leader in WSP's healthcare team in the US.

  • photo of Rick Rome healthcare lead WSP USA ccrd

Rick Rome, USA

A founding principal of ccrd, Rick is an executive vice president and leads the healthcare practice for WSP in the U.S.

  • photo of WSP Simon Kydd - healthcare lead UK

Simon Kydd, UK

With 20 years' experience in Britain's health market, Simon heads up WSP's UK based health projects.

Thomas Chan, Asia

With more than 34 years of experience in the field of power and building services engineering under his belt, Thomas received his education in Hong Kong and the UK.