Project Description


Tripling the capacity of one of Chile’s foremost private hospitals

Based in the bustling capital of Santiago, Clínica Vespucio is one of the busiest private hospitals in Chile.

With demand for healthcare services in the city ever increasing, Banmédica – the health care group that manages Clínica Vespucio – decided to embark on a major extension project. The prime aim would be to triple Clínica Vespucio’s existing capabilities in the form of two new high-rise towers; Torres A and Torres B.

Our remit for the project included the key role as project management consultant, as well as building design services, communication design and construction site supervision.

patient room at clinica vespucio

Consolidating and enhancing patient care services

The main objective for Torres A was to bring all specialist mother and baby healthcare services together in one enhanced and extended unit. Importantly, this would place the maternity hospital next to the neonatal and pediatric intensive care units.

One of the most complex challenges of the project was to consolidate the existing data network with that of the new building, in order to function as a single large network, for which a BMS system was designed with a high availability medical grade network over the 99%, this allows the patient’s information to be kept online in the event of any external eventuality, in addition to operating autonomously without the need for external services.

The smaller of the two towers, Torres A has a built area of 12,500 m2, with 15 above ground floors and two undergrounds.

Acute and emergency care fit for the 21st century

Torres B concentrates Vespucio’s most technology hungry patient services, including a new emergency care unit and intensive care unit, in one 45,000m² building of 11 upper floors and five underground floors.

It stands to reason that Torres B needed to be a high-performance building across every measurement, from faultless communication systems and failsafe energy sources to a design that offered patients the most positive experience possible.

Bringing Vespucio’s emergency care services up to world class standard, the unit now offers no fewer than 40 beds, five observation beds, 2 operating theatres, a Triage area and specialist resuscitation rooms. The new critical patient unit (UPC), includes nine critical care rooms and 60 single occupancy patient rooms.

Other key facilities in the tower include an imaging unit, neurology laboratory, endovascular therapy unit, kinesiology rehabilitation centre, an ambulatory chemotherapy unit, and areas for cardiology and ophthalmologic procedures.


Torres A and Torre B have successfully tripled Clínica Vespucio’s patient capacity and enhanced the hospital’s offering to both patients and staff. Together, these towers have created more than 110 consultation rooms, 15 surgery rooms and up to 300 additional hospital beds, of which 25% are based in the CPU.

Quick Facts

Location Santiago, Chile
Client Empresas Banmedica
Architects Alemparte Barreda Wedeles Besançon Arquitectos y Asociados
Services Project Management
Building services engineering (Mechanical, HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing)
Communications Design
Security Systems
Construction supervision
Project Status Completed in 2017