Project Description


A modern, sustainable hospital for Middelburg, South Africa

In Middelburg, near Pretoria, our multidisciplinary building services team is working ‘as one’ on the design and delivery of a new hospital that will seamlessly combine the latest developments in modern healthcare with sustainable features. The future-ready design of the hospital means that it is capable of expansion from an initial capacity of 220 beds to 350 beds, as the local population grows.

exterior view- middleburg district hospital

With budgetary constraints tight, we are maximising cost savings through the use of BIM technology, and software such as the GLUE cloud platform that allows for real time project collaboration to manage the project efficiently. We are also introducing design features that will minimise operational costs to help the hospital channel more funds to frontline clinical services.

A future-ready design for a growing population

Mpumalanga Provincial Government has commissioned our team to deliver a new Level 1 district hospital that will offer a wide range of high-quality services. Set for completion in the early 2020s, the new hospital will replace Middelburg Provincial Hospital which is already straining to meet the needs of a rapidly growing population.

The current hospital also lacks a fully functional trauma unit which is much needed in Middelburg because the town is located on the busy N4 road which means there are often casualties from the unfortunately high incidence of road traffic accidents nearby.

The new hospital will be on the outskirts of the town, on a greenfield site that is readily accessible from the N4. It will offer outpatient services, general care, a maternity unit, a 600-seat auditorium, accommodation for staff and students, and a training centre, as well as a trauma unit.

A Sustainable Approach That Benefits Patients and Staff

Operational efficiency will be enhanced by the sustainability of the design. Energy-efficient lighting has been specified, together with low-energy buildings service systems that include highly controllable multi-split (VRV) air conditioning. Water meters will be installed to help the hospital’s facilities managers to monitor water usage, identify leaks early, and improve water management.

As part of a strategy to deliver a full range of sustainable engineering and design solutions within the build budget, and reduce embodied carbon, locally produced building materials, recycled steel, and responsibly sourced timber will be used for construction.

Inside the building, the interior of the hospital has been designed to maximise the benefits of natural light and fresh air. Each ward will look out on to a garden area providing views that will enhance the wellbeing of patients, staff and visitors. Attracting and retaining talented staff is an element of overall sustainability, so this aspect of design is also important.

By putting people first, and delivering a sustainable building, we aim to provide Middelburg with an efficient and effective hospital that will serve the town well for many years to come.

Resource flexibility

As Grey Base is at least a three-hour road journey from Christchurch, the operating theatres in the new hospital are being equipped with technology that will enable specialist consultants to monitor procedures remotely and offer assistance when required. This capability will be particularly useful when the hospital is difficult to access.

Many of the clinical areas are designed for multiple functions to allow boundary spaces to be used for neighbouring departments as needed. The family centre will share resources and staff with the main hospital, too. The consulting spaces are designed to be flexible so that they can be used for general practitioner services, as well as hospital consultations.

The project will provide Greymouth with a new hospital that will offer 56 inpatient beds, three operating theatres, outpatient services, an accident and emergency department, services that include medical imaging, pathology, pharmacy, maternity, paediatrics, oncology and dialysis, a dental suite, and comprehensive family health services. Its design and buildings services will support the latest technological advances within a safe, modern and secure environment.

Quick Facts

Location Mpumalanga Province, South Africa
Client Mpumalanga Provincial Government
Architect Geyser Hahn Architects
Services Mechanical Engineering
Electronic Engineering Services
Access control and BMS engineering
Fire Engineering
Wet Services Engineering
Project Status Due for completion in 2020