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Project Description


Enhancing patient care through mould-breaking design

Singapore’s healthcare hub of Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (NTFGH) and Jurong Community Hospital offers patients a continuum of support from acute to step-down care that breaks the mould of traditional hospital design.

Patient Focussed

Patient-centred space planning informed every aspect of the scheme to create these next-generation hospitals for the densely populated areas to the east of the city-state. The 16-storey NTFGH provides Accident and Emergency (A&E), an intensive care unit (ICU) and a high dependency unit (HDU), in addition to general hospital services. Its neighbour, the 12-storey Jurong Community Hospital, readies patients to return home, providing a range of community and therapeutic services.

In total, the two hospitals cover a floor area of 169,000m2 and accommodate 986 beds of which 700 are located in NTFGH, with the remaining 286 in Jurong Community Hospital.

Hospital Engineering in Singapore: Ng Teng Fong General Hospital Exterior

Hospital Engineering in Singapore – Ng Teng Fong General Hospital

An Integrated Healthcare Facility

The aim of our client was to create a truly integrated healthcare facility that used resources with maximum efficiency across different clinical departments and the two hospitals. Importantly, this approach called for a highly sophisticated bed management system to minimise transfer times for patients.

As M&E consultant for the two structures, our primary role was to create designs and systems that permitted this integrated approach to healthcare, while reinforcing hospital security and reducing the risks of cross-contamination. The emergency department has a separate unit with isolation rooms which ensure contagious illnesses are contained. Related facilities such as operating theatres and intensive care units, as well as each hospital ward, have also been equipped with isolation facilities.

Key to the integrated acute care approach was the co-location of vital clinical departments. On level 4 of NTFGH are the 28-bed ICU and 42-bed HDU. These units are connected to A&E on level 1 and the NTFGH’s 16 operating theatres on level 3, by a pair of specially designed, and fully equipped, trauma lifts. A 15-bed isolation ward is situated next to A&E to allow for immediate patient transfer, helping to halt the spread of infection.

Hospital Engineering in Singapore: Ng Teng Fong General Hospital Exterior

A Natural Surrounding

In a break with design convention, every bed in the general care areas is positioned next to a window thanks to these wards’ innovative herringbone or fan-shape. Patients benefit from a positive, healing environment full of natural light with improved air flow, which also helps mitigate the risk of hospital-acquired infections and offers a pleasant work environment for staff.

Bringing nature and green space into the care environment was another guiding design concept for NTFGH, and terraced gardens feature at every level of the hospital’s main towers. Stable acute care patients are provided with intensive care-ready outdoor areas, ensuring that even critical patients can enjoy some sunshine and fresh air.

In addition to offering advanced health care facilities in a green and positive environment, NTFGH is also a highly energy efficient building. In 2013, the development received a Green Mark Award (Platinum) from Singapore’s Building Construction Authority, its highest certification for an environmentally responsible building.

Quick Facts

Location Jurong, Singapore
Client Ministry of Health
Jurong Health Services
Architect CPG Consultants Pte Ltd
Services Mechanical engineering
Electrical engineering
Specialist hospital systems design
Infection control provisions design
Communications design
Security systems
Project Status Completed in 2015