Project Description


Restructuring a world-renowned hospital for improved patient care

In recent years Purpan Hospital in Toulouse has been undergoing major redevelopment, inspired by the need to adapt to the growing and ageing population of the Midi-Pyrenees region in the South of France and to provide a more efficient delivery of its specialist care units. The hospital’s overall goals were to improve its quality of care and efficiency, provide an exceptional working environment for staff and develop its research platform.

Improving Patient Experience

In 2014, a new Purpan Hospital opened its doors to the public: Pierre-Paul Riquet Hospital (PPR). The 84,000m2 building includes three medical centres, bringing together three previously dispersed specialist areas of healthcare: neurosciences, locomotor and cephalic disorders - totalling 600 beds and 27 operating rooms. Patients are at the heart of the hospital’s design with light and airy spaces and 80% of the rooms being single, providing privacy and comfort. The hospital is also easier to access thanks to a new 400-space car park and better connections to public transport.

A central challenge was the sharp incline of the site, requiring 6,000m2 of Diaphragm walls and 24,000m2 of earthworks. Our services on the project included structural engineering, building services (MEP: HVAC, electrical, plumbing and others hydraulic services), medical equipment design and project management.

Increasing Efficiency in Healthcare

Another key objective for our client, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (C.H.U.), was to improve the efficiency of their emergency services. Our teams were involved in the design of the new 28,500m2 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) building, directly linked to Pierre-Paul Riquet Hospital. This facility provides services such as accident and emergency, anaesthesia and reanimation and intensive care.

The restructuring and specialization of these facilities has enabled a better and more efficient delivery of Purpan’s healthcare services. Patients in need of specific treatment are sent directly to the appropriate service, improving waiting time and treatment.

Sustainability was central to the design with all new buildings fulfilling a set of French environmental objectives (‘haute qualité environnementale’) and sourcing energy from renewable sources and the site’s own central biomass energy plants.

Quick Facts

Location Toulouse, France
Client C.H.U. de Toulouse
Architect Pierre-Paul Riquet (PPR) building:
SCAU / Cardette Huet Architectes
ICU building:
Art & Build Architects and Sequences

PPR & ICU building::
Structural engineering
Civil engineering
Electrical & plumbing engineering
Medical fluids
Pneumatic handling
Infrastructure design

PPR building only:
Medical equipment
Project management
Detailed scheduling

ICU building only:
Elevators and lifting equipment
External works design

Project Status PPR building: 2006-2013, opened in 2014
ICU building: 2011- 2014