Project Description


Creating a healing environment for children to thrive during treatment

Ron Joyce Children’s Health Care Centre is a unique, purpose-built facility that seeks to provide a new experience for patient and family-centred care, while minimizing the environmental footprint on the surrounding community. It is the only centre of its kind in Canada to offer the breadth and combination of services for children, youth and their families – many of whom are dealing with lifelong cognitive, behavioral, or physical issues.


This centre is more than just a building it is a space connecting children and youth to an environment where they can thrive during treatment.  This facility is transforming care for the community.  The Ron Joyce Children’s Hospital hosts a variety of programs and health care teams are in one building, allowing everyone to work together to provide the best care possible. Each element, including the lighting, were designed to provide an engaging environment for children, in turn creating spaces that support the healing process .

Located on Wellington Street in Hamilton, Ontario, the Centre is fully accessible and includes an outdoor wheeling track, a therapeutic playground and physiotherapy space.

Programs at this site, include:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Program
  • Child and Youth Mental Health Program
  • Developmental Pediatrics and Rehabilitation Program
  • Prosthetics and Orthotics

Incredible that this health care centre, built on an industrial brownfield site, has become a catalyst for urban regeneration in this re-emerging Hamilton neighbourhood, transforming it into a place that enables dreams and transforms children’s futures.

Completed on time and on budget, with an aggressive schedule of 17½ months from start, construction, commissioning and close-out, the project exceeded its sustainability target and achieved LEED Gold.


Highlights include:

  • Achieved exemplary performance in innovative design through:
    • 32% of construction materials utilized recycled content
    • 45% of construction materials were sourced or manufactured locally within 800 km of the project, or within 2400km if shipped by water.
    • predicts predictive energy model showing 58% less energy use due to implementation of energy efficient technologies such as individual lighting controls for at least 90% of building occupants, and efficient heating and cooling equipment.
  • The project benefits from its location in an area characterized by development density and community connectivity, including efficient access to public transit
  • Installation of low-flow fixtures to achieve a water use reduction of 36%
  • 86% of construction and demolition waste was diverted from landfill
  • Building envelope designed to increase thermal resistance
  • Building’s HVAC systems do not use CFC-based refrigerants
  • Project offers sufficient space for storing and collection of recyclables
  • Indoor air quality management plan includes use of low-emitting materials
  • White roof membrane reflects heat, rather than absorbing it

Quick Facts

Location Hamilton, Ontario Canada
Client Ontario Infrastructure and Lands Corporation
Architect Stantec
Construction Manager PCL Constructors Canada Inc
Environmental Consulting Terraprobe
Services Structural Engineering
Building Sciences
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Lighting Design
Civil Engineering
Sustainability and Energy
IT & Security
Project Status Completed in 2015