Project Description


Increasing daily operational efficiencies across Canada

Efficiency and resilience are the defining characteristics of a high-performance hospital not just in terms of the facilities design, but of day-to-day operations.

A patient-centred hospital focuses all resources on patient care and provision. To support this, a healthy building should not hinder or restrict the people who inhabit it. With this in mind our Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) system SeawoodFM, enables even the most complex healthcare buildings to run at maximum efficiency, saving time, reducing costs and freeing up resources for frontline care.

Each facility has its own dynamic database of as-built drawings and documents. It’s designed to be easy to use to allow daily management of a hospitals facilities. Using advanced software we take existing data to consolidate drawings and information into an accurate electrical, mechanical, and architectural as-built model and database. This information can then be accessed, queried and leveraged through a web-based interface at any time and from any computer with internet access. This provides operational convenience for clients who have multiple sites, or who may wish to monitor after hours from an off-site location, ideal for a 24-hour hospital.

By engaging with real-time information the database can produce a ‘live’ model of a hospital’s FM capacity and needs. Furthermore, by allowing spaces to be planned in meticulous detail, SeawoodFM can reduce travel distances, giving staff more time to carry out their core work – caring for patients.

In practice, this means efficiently managing essential building services like lighting and ventilation, while minimising downtime for inspections and emergencies. The system’s capacity to perform indepth risk analysis also supports the planning and coordination of projects.

Making a Positive Impact

St. Mary’s General Hospital in Ontario, Canada, has worked with the tool since its launch in 2001. Making a positive impact towards daily activities SeawoodFM has increased the efficiency in numerous ways, such as minimising time spent on annual inspections of the facility’s fire alarm system. Prior to the use of SeawoodFM, it would have taken four to six weeks to complete this annual inspection – now the process takes two to three weeks.

When the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre in Barrie, Ontario went through a major redevelopment, doubling the hospital in size, SeawoodFM was brought in to assist in the expansion. We combined the existing and new building documentation, including verifying actual onsite as-built conditions alongside as-built information submitted by our contractors. This ensured the accuracy of the contractors’ as-built drawings.

SeawoodFM has been implemented into everyday processes in many different facilities including healthcare, education, sports & recreation, mission critical, commercial, hospitality and tourism, and specialised rail facilities.

Looking ahead

Our software developers continue to expand SeawoodFM’s capacities as we seek to further optimise the potential of technology to enable collaborative, effective and highly efficient buildings. SeawoodFM ensures building operators can manage with confidence, whether in developing fiscal budgets, planning for the future, or dealing with emergency scenarios.

SeawoodFM offers multiple benefits for a wide range of hospital stakeholders from the property owner, facility managers, through to contractors, consultants, staff and – ultimately – patients.

Quick Facts

  • 15 years of experience
  • 50 customized tools and solutions
  • Information is quick and easy to access, allowing for rapid and cost effective solutions
  • Improved drawing integrity and accuracy
  • Reduced facility downtime during emergencies
  • Reduction in drawing and documentation redundancies and inconsistencies

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