Project Description


Revolutionary cancer treatment for Scandinavia

The urgent need for better care to treat cancer patients has been a major concern for Scandinavian countries in recent years. Seven counties and eight university hospitals have joined forces to respond to this crucial demand. Skandion Clinic is the result of this great collaboration.

Engineering Skandion Clinic - Garden

More Efficient Care for Cancer Patients

Proton beam therapy was the central element of this project. It is the first center in Scandinavia to offer this type of treatment for cancer patients, improving the life of a large number of individuals. This purpose-built clinic is equipped to treat between 1,000 to 2,500 patients per year. Proton beam therapy enables a more precise treatment with fewer side effects, essential for children, in particular, who are more sensitive than adults. All children in need of radiotherapy will be treated at this clinic.

A Natural Environment for Better Healing

WSP was involved in the construction and landscape design for this project. Our idea was to create an environment filled with elements of nature to empower patients. Green walls, a green roof and water fall features were at the heart of the concept, offering greenery year-round to inspire and calm people in difficult moments, without compromising on the essential functions of the hospital.

Focus on Improving Patient Recovery

A restaurant and hotel were built above the clinic, providing 86 double rooms with large windows. These can be transformed into suites where patients can sleep and relax during their stay – important factors for recovery.

Thick Concrete Walls for Radiation-Free Environment

The challenge was to bring together many different elements – a high-technology, complex building structure, hotel and restaurant – under one roof and within a restricted time frame. Due to the nature of the healthcare technology used, the building had to meet high safety and security standards. For example, the walls needed to be approximately 3.5 meters thick and constructed from iron core concrete to ensure radiation-free surroundings. The concrete roof makes the building very heavy. To support it, pillars were drilled down into solid rock. The use of BIM facilitated the building process, and the Skandion Clinic was nominated Årets Bygge 2015 (Building of the Year).

Quick Facts

Location Uppsala, Sweden
Client Akademiska hus
County council
Architect Link Arkitekter
Services Landscape design
Construction design
Project Status Completed in 2014