Project Description


Behind an old façade, a facility for the future

Rapidly expanding Stockholm has made improving its healthcare facilities a priority for the years ahead, drawing up a program of regional building and renovation works to improve care and working conditions, boost bed numbers and lower energy consumption.

Project Management Sollentuna Hospital- Hospital Exterior

Integrating New Technologies

The modernization of Sollentuna Hospital is a key piece of that puzzle. Since it was first built in 1978, the world of healthcare has transformed. Now the hospital is being overhauled to create a progressive and accessible facility, capable of integrating 21st century medical advances and providing the highest level of patient-centered care.
Located at the center of Sollentuna, a town to the capital’s north, the upgraded, 230-bed hospital will focus on geriatric care, as well as providing family doctors’ surgeries, a rehabilitation center and extensive outpatient facilities offering a number of specialties.

Patients Centered Care

With parts of the old façade kept intact, Sollentuna will retain much of its external character, as well as beautiful views over Edsviken, an inlet of the Baltic Sea. Inside, however, it will be a completely different hospital. Every aspect of the new interior is designed around the patient journey, from easy access down to bold color schemes that help elderly visitors orient themselves. Structurally, the facility is also getting a new lease of life, with carbon fiber and steel lattice girders used to reinforce the weak concrete frames of the existing building.

A Tight Schedule

WSP is project managing the scheme, as well as providing a number of other services including HVAC design and environmental consultancy. A major challenge has been the project’s tight schedule, which called for a contractor to be appointed and construction to begin before the design was complete. The team has met this through extensive use of BIM, ensuring a closely coordinated approach to this significant development for east central Sweden.

Quick Facts

Location Sollentuna, Stockholm, Sweden
Client Locum AB
Architect Norconsult AB, Semrén & Månsson
Services Design management
Project management
Construction management
Installation management
Project Status Due for completion in 2018