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Project Description


Revolutionary technology boosting early and detailed cancer diagnosis

An existing purpose-built medical radio-pharmaceutical facility site in Dinnington, South Yorkshire, is being expanded to add an additional cyclotron facility. It will manufacture radioactive sterile products for injection, essential for early and detailed diagnosis.

Revolutionary diagnosis methods

This bespoke facility will house a TR24 cyclotron – a particle accelerator used to produce radioactive isotope. This includes products radiolabelled with 18F for products such as Fludeoxyglucose which is used as a radioactive tracer for cancer diagnosis in Positron Emission Tomography (PET) medical imaging scan units. This revolutionary diagnosis method may detect the early onset of disease before it is evident on any other imaging tests.

ACSI’s (Advanced Cyclotron System Inc) TR24 24MeV cyclotron is suitable for those in the global nuclear medicine industry interested in producing PET and Single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) isotopes including F-18, Tc-99m, I-123 and Ge-68. Tc-99m produced in the TR24 cyclotron is an exciting alternative to current global production methods which utilise a small number of old nuclear reactors, one of which is due to close in 2016.

Value for investment

Our client, Alliance Medical, commissioned our highly experienced cyclotron equipment experts to provide full engineering design services for the development of the TR24 cyclotron building, as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Our team will be focused on providing the client with best value for investment, an efficient delivery process, adherence to a schedule driven by cyclotron importation timings, radio-pharmacy clean room facility design, cyclotron bunkers and radiation shielding and monitoring equipment to assure operational dependability in a highly regulated environment.

This existing facility will be modified to manufacture the most commonly used radioisotope in medical imaging scans, Tc99m (sodium pertechnetate), which requires the replacement of the existing cyclotron bunker with a larger bunker designed to accommodate a larger and higher energy cyclotron, and the reconfiguration of the existing Clean Room.

Review and assessment of current systems

The project includes the review and assessment of the condition, suitability and capacity of the existing mechanical, electrical and sanitary systems and of their suitability for reuse within the remodelled and extended building. Systems that have been assessed as unsuitable for reuse will be replaced to support the larger cyclotron. New isotope delivery systems, hot cell suite and GMP clean production, packaging and delivery areas will also be installed.

Upgrades to the building engineering services systems include enhanced differential pressure control of all air systems to reinforce the sterile and clean environments and to enclose temperature and humidity performance, a new incoming electrical power supply and upgraded building security and access control systems.

Quick Facts

Location Dinnnington, South Yorkshire, UK
Client Alliance Medical Ltd.
Architect STW Architects
Services Mechanical engineering
Electrical engineering
Process gas engineering
Project Status Ongoing