Project Description


Specialist design to bring this groundbreaking radiotherapy treatment to the UK

Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) is an advanced form of radiotherapy which delivers highly targeted doses of radiation to reduce side-effects and damage to surrounding tissue. Based in the lower ground floors of a state-of-the-art building, the UCLH Proton Beam Therapy Centre will be one of only two high energy PBT NHS centres in the UK. The floors above ground will house Europe’s largest facility for the treatment of blood disorders.

Engineering Proton Beam Therapy Centre at UCLH - Exterior at Night

Multi-Level Services

Located in the heart of central London, the project includes the construction of five floors below ground, to house the PBT equipment, and six floors above, covering more than 25,000m² in total. Bouygues UK selected us alongside structural engineers Campbell Reith because of our experience of delivering similar facilities and our ability to work closely with other team members using the latest building information modelling (BIM) techniques. The Implementation of Level 2 BIM, including 6D asset management, offers long term benefits in providing a detailed design, cost and construction model.  This model will be used in the operations and maintenance of the building to ensure its future use and flexibility.

Our design team is providing specialist mechanical and electrical services for the design and installation of the PBT systems to our client Bouygues UK, as well as building services for the above-ground support areas, including operating theatres, MRI and imaging areas. The PBT facility will also include a cyclotron and related beam line serving three 360° gantry areas, plus capacity to install a fourth in the future.


Overcoming Unique Challenges Without Disruption to Hospital Procedures

We bring extensive experience in the design of healthcare facilities and of high-energy cyclotron equipment, and an understanding of its unique challenges, such as the routing of electrical conduits and interaction with the radiation shielding design. On this project, our team provided HVAC, electrical controls, piping and device embeds for the cyclotron, proton beam line installation and proton treatment systems, including coordination of services with the radiation shielding, meeting the complex servicing requirements of the equipment vendor and overseeing the interfaces with clinical services and the wider patient experience.

Providing PBT equipment entry and egress is vitally important to minimize disruption not only to the site but to adjacent areas as well. We are working closely with the system manufacturer and Bouygues UK our client, and phase plans will be developed and tested virtually using a shared BIM platform and 4D planning software.

Quick Facts

Location London, UK
Client University College London Hospitals
Contractor client Bouygues UK
Architect STW Architects
Services Mechanical engineering
Electrical engineering
Project Status Due for completion in 2019